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Re: 97 Quattro EDL's-what are they?

>> I've had it for a couple weeks, and the other day I put the left front
>> wheel on an ice patch on my sloping driveway with the others on snow.
>> tire on ice was spinning happily away, while the others pushed me up the
>> driveway
>What an interesting test.  I too, did something similar.  When I was in
>northern Vermont with my new 97 A4Q 2.8 5 speed manual, I came upon a step
>hill on a back road with a nice smooth coat of snow on it (unsalted) .
>I stopped on the hill.  Put my A4 in 1st gear and kind of aggressively
>lurched up the hill.  The rear tires were spinning, but the front tires did
>not. Although the back end slightly moved to the right, the front tires
>pulled me up the hill.  At the top of the hill, I got out and walked back
>to where I started.  Sure enough both rear tires had spun for about 10-15
>feet.  I have to admit, even with the rear tires spinning, my A4 was very
>Greg Heidt
>Sarasota, FL

Yes, I've no complaints about control at all. Though I would like to find
some studs for the 16 inch wheels. Apparently Gislaved came up a little
short on deliveries this year and the only place I could find with a set of
stud-able 205/55 16's was a place in CO. They knew they were the only set
around and graciously offered them for $180/tire.........

We get serious ice up here and even Blizzaks are not enough if you want to
be *sure* of having the best grip possible.

Doug Miller