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Plea for info on 885ks brake job

After cruising the quattro archives I have uncovered many people's
pleas for info on how to do a brake job on Audi's, but very limited
replys (probably due to the complexity of brake jobs, by model and
part vendor).  I have an 88 10valve non-turbo, front drive, auto trans,
5ks.  I have the Haynes manual which covers brakes, but tries to inclue
several models (girling, teves) in one terse section.

Seeing that Audi brake jobs are almost always $7-800.00, and need to be
done about every 2 years, I would like to train myself to do this job.

If you can point out any good brake job info, any manual I can buy, any section
of the Quattro archives that I may have missed, I would be very grateful.

Also, your personal comments on special difficulties, tools, types of pads or
roters, would be helpful.  If anyone knows of a "kit" approach, that would be
a consideration.

Thanks in advance for your help.

Scott Gongwer (gongwer@tiac.net)