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Just the facts - HID, Hella, Cibie

Regarding HID:  Not totally as presented in earlier posts.  HID "offers" up
to 3 times lumen output of an equal halogen, that is to say, a 35w HID offers
3 times the light output of a 35w halogen, so translating that oranges to
oranges would find 105w halogens to be the equivelent of a 35w HID.  35w
seems to be the standard in the industry, even with specific car
applications, the need to free up alternator capacity more the argument, than
true engineering or lumen advantages.  Wait to you see the cost.....  A 100w
bulb with a rebuilt hi cap alternator is mucho cheaper.

Interesting to note in my investigations, ProRally light sources tapped
again, as well as cibie/hella lit in hand:

*  Hella is the only one listing the HID (Rallye 4000 - HID Motorsport)
lighting.  At 1400USD list price, hardly an option.  Interestingly noted, the
claims are only 2.5 times (hella only claims 2.5) the output of a halogen
bulb OF THE SAME WATTAGE.  My math shows 2.5 X 35w = 87.5w 
      *  According to my rallye light sources, this light "seems" to be the
covetted one,
         tho none are available due to some  undisclosed problems at Hella,
tested tho,
         at Sebring 12 hours (BMW M3, hello :), my understanding is that
since this
         needs to be proven off road, and heard this to be a reliability
issue.  I am trying 
         to get more information on this, but at 2000 hour rating and
28,000volts, hardly a 
*  There are no Hi wattage applications listed anywhere for the
driving/pencil/fogs.  Largest listed application (save the HID) is 70w h2,
tho ALL come standard with 55w bulbs.

*  Interesting to note:  Hella now offers a Hella Vision Plus - USA legal
conversions that have a better high beam pattern than the euros (less left
side cutoff) and closer to z-beam low that looks to offer (somone help that
has them?) a better front beam spread than the euros, with less intense
sidelighting the euros have...  Interesting to note that the pronounced
"euro-lense"up cut does not show on the lense pattern.  This looks to be the
z-beam replacement for hella, tho has a little more forward right quadrant
pattern that the z-beam.

*  All drawings for euro replacements do NOT reference a L/R differentiation.
 Same upangle on the conversions anyhow.....

So, it appears that 100w is still the max standard, I have heard of
"specific" units (PIAA 850 for example) that can take a 130w bulb, and get
some performance gains in a specific application, but no one referenced any
higher than that for ANY specific light.  

Hoping to bring this back to the facts, cabin fever has hit the net on this
subject.  Hope this helps that quest some.  Now, about the offer for a cage
from Jody......  Naw.....