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Re: Just the facts - HID, Hella, Cibie

> *  Hella is the only one listing the HID (Rallye 4000 - HID Motorsport)
> lighting.  At 1400USD list price, hardly an option.  Interestingly noted, the
> claims are only 2.5 times (hella only claims 2.5) the output of a halogen
> bulb OF THE SAME WATTAGE.  My math shows 2.5 X 35w = 87.5w 
>       *  According to my rallye light sources, this light "seems" to be the
> covetted one,
>          tho none are available due to some  undisclosed problems at Hella,
> tested tho,
>          at Sebring 12 hours (BMW M3, hello :), my understanding is that
> since this
>          needs to be proven off road, and heard this to be a reliability

A friend of mine knows Bob Eliot well. My friend said Hella sent (or was 
sending) some of these lights to Bob for testing on his 16V Rally GTI. He 
he he, I know where they park this car..... Shame if they forget to 
remove the light rack.... ;)