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200tq cold starting.

In message <Pine.PCW.3.91.970120163032.13703A-100000@[]> Mike DePolo writes:

> When starting the car cold it takes about 15-20 sec. for the 
> car to start, when the car is warm it starts perfectly. It does not have 
> to be ice cold for this problem to happen only if it hasn't been run in 
> about 15-30min. The person I bought it from thought that it was a bad 
> fuel pressure check vavle and he replaced it and the problem was not 
> solved.

Does it make any difference whether you turn the engine?  I.e., just turn the 
ignition on and leave it for as long as you were trying to start it (you're 
allowing the warmup valve to heat up and reduce the fuel system control 
pressure).  Does it then start easily?

> Also, the car seems to be suffering from a hesitation. The power 
> seems to surge in and out under acceleration.

Oil above 80c, 3rd gear (if manual shift, otherwise don't worry about it), 
level ground or slight uphill, 35mph, foot flat down. If the surge from high 
power to low and back to high is cyclic rather than a simple flat spot, what is 
the period of the cycle as you pass 50mph?  Do you have a boost gauge you can 
attach during the test (they're easy to attach if you can get one - a large 
instrument reading -8psi to +30psi is ideal - mine cost $2 from a surplus 

 Phil Payne
 Committee Member, UK Audi [ur-]quattro Owners Club