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Keeping up with the volume (was: Re: S6 plus)

> It can really be hard to read in a regular mail reader. 


> About a month ago I put together some stuff with procmail and some
> custom programs I had written to gateway the quattro list to a
> newsgroup on my system.  There are probably already some other
> programs floating around that will do it, but I couldn't find any.

You want Rich Salz's newsgate, which I believe you can get from
ftp.isc.org.  For a long time you had to mail him and ask for it.  I did
manage to get a solid configuration going back in 1995 so I could keep
up with the cypherpunks traffic; it works pretty well.

It's a lot of trouble, though, and for people not running a news server
(probably that means everyone except the two of us :-) it's not an option.
What I recommend for those with Unix is to use VM with Emacs and hit C-t;
for those without Unix, spend $60 to buy Eudora Pro, and you can filter
all the list mail into one box.  It's manageable enough that way.

> On that note, I've been considering passing this feed along to a
> handfull of other qlist readers if there was interest -- probably
> in some sort of tree arrangement -- I feed N people who each feed
> N people, etc...  However, I cannot accept direct incoming NNTP
> connections currently -- I'd set up a feed through INN and connect
> directly to N remote sites and push it down.  I'll have to think
> some about wether I could allow remote NNTP connections if that was
> the only option for some folks...

Traditionally news/mail gateways have been a lot of trouble... be
careful.  I wouldn't make it publically available using anything
other than newsgate because there are a *lot* of subtle things
that can go wrong, some of them having to do with the differences
between RFCs 822 and 1036...

Anyway, most non-Unix newsreaders aren't better than Eudora Pro.
I'd highly recommend you use that, or procmail+elm, or VM.