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Re: Keeping up with the volume (was: Re: S6 plus)

Michael Shields writes:
> Anyway, most non-Unix newsreaders aren't better than Eudora Pro.
> I'd highly recommend you use that, or procmail+elm, or VM.

If you're on a Unix box, I've got a suggestion that beats procmail+elm.
It's called mutt, and it's similar to elm, but deals with lots of traffic 
like nothing else I've seen.

It supports 'limiting' the display better than elm since you can limit 
on both to: and cc: at the same time. It also supports macros (#q shows me
all quattro mail, and @q shows me all unread quattro mail).

This is what a portion of the main screen looks like, showing both 
the mailing list and the sender:

1881 r  + 01/20 Kevin Ch Kevin Chan   (  41) Re: How to host list ?
1882      01/20 To quatt Jay Welsh    ( 151) AUDI TRINKETS
1883 N    01/20 angry-ps angry-psycho (1215) angry-psychos-digest V2 #27
1884      01/20 TELECOM  TELECOM Dige ( 746) TELECOM Digest V17 #16
1885  D   01/21 To mutt- Sven Guckes  (  24) Re: Move after delete?
1886  D   01/21 Cc quatt Michael Shie (   9) Re: What If Dept. - Country Suspen
1887      01/21 Cc quatt Michael Shie (  39) Keeping up with the volume (was: R
1888 N  + 01/21 Majordom Majordomo@sm (   4) Majordomo results
1889 N    01/20 To mutt- Clint Olsen  (  10) Re: Move after delete?
1890 N  + 01/21 Majordom Majordomo@sm (   4) Majordomo results

If you want more info, see http://www.cs.hmc.edu/~me/mutt/index.html
or drop me note. If you pick up mutt, drop me a note anyway, since the
display you see here isn't standard (it's just a configuration item).