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Re: Hoppen

>   So your are in Sarasota.  Have you been to Hoppen's shop?  I have 
> been meaning to drive over one day to see what he has.  I understand 
> things are first rate, but $$$$$$$$$$.
> Regards,
> Jerry
> 91 200 STEADIA3qw

Yep!  I've been there and yep, very expensive.  The ABT stainless steel
muffler he had was $1,100 US dollars.  But he did have a throttle body
upgrade that was only $250.  

The front of his shop is memorabilia about his career with Audi and
Porsche.  The rear, which is a huge 1 car garage is filled with racks of
nothing by modifications for Audis.  Although his shop is kind of small, it
is very well laid out.

It is a really neat place to visit.  Almost like a mini museum about Audi
and Porsche.  And, he is very happy to show and explain to you any and all
of the memorabilia your interested in.  I felt like I had stepped back in

I recommend any Audi enthusiast to stop in and say hi.  He and his son
(Mike) are very nice people.

Greg Heidt
Sarasota, FL
97 A4Q 2.8 5speed manual