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RE: Audi vs. Jeep

I would like to see an Outback tackle the Rubicon Trail (My Jeep has
done it)!!  15 mpg??? My average has been 22 mpg (my best was ~29 mpg)
w/ Mountain driving!!

As far I am concerned, I won't even consider an Outback.  I work w/
quite a few people who own them, and the ground clearance is not a whole
lot better than my 5000TQ!  Besides there isn't even a 4-Lo gear to
shift into!

Everyone I know that owns a Cherokee absolutely loves it (you couldn't
pry it away from them).  The 4.0L I-6 is one of the most bulletproof
engines ever made and will easily do 300K miles with regular oil changes
and tune-ups.

The Cherokee was originally designed by Roy Lund, who (if you are not
familiar with the name), designed and build the Ford GT-40's that won Le
Mans.  Roy is a good friend of my father's and of Vic Elford (of Le Mans
fame in the Porsche 917 Long Tail).  As far as the SUV market is
concerned, the Cherokee is the best value for the dollar and it's no
wonder, since all of the major off-road magazines have named it their
4x4 of the year several times!

To get to the point, an outback just won't cut it, period.

Best Regards,

Mark Nelson

'87 5KTQ
'91 CQ
'91 Jeep Cherokee Laredo

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>Sent: 	Wednesday, January 22, 1997 10:38 AM
>To: 	Mark Nelson
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>Subject: 	RE: Audi vs. Jeep
>If you need the clearance, why not buy an Outback??
>The bad thing about Jeeps is not handling, but their wastefullness! 
>Come on, 15 MPG? 
>The only thing I can imagine one would need a Jeep for is to tow a 1000HP 
>powerboat. But then you don't use too much anyways.
>On Wed, 22 Jan 1997, Mark Nelson wrote:
>> Hi Mike, I have a '91 Jeep Cherokee Laredo (lifted) with a 4.0L and I
>> have to admit I LOVE IT!  I also have an '87 5000CS Turbo Quattro with
>> 180K miles on the OD, and I have a '91 Quattro Coupe that I am building
>> for SCCA pro-rally racing (open class).  Don't get me wrong, I love my
>> Audis too, but since I live in Lake Tahoe where we get massive amounts
>> of snow (2 1/2' last night alone and more on the way), I have to admit
>> that my 5000TQ has a hard time when there is 2 1/2 ' of snow on the road
>> that has not been plowed, where my Jeep just plows right through it.
>> Another disadvantage of the Audi is that I cannot go four wheeling way
>> out into the back country to go camping, where as with my Jeep I can.
>> Both vehicles are excellent vehicles, and were designed for two
>> completely different purposes.  The Cherokee was not built for
>> acceleration and speed, where as the Audi obviously was.  As far as I am
>> concerned, I could not live my lifestyle without any of the vehicles I
>> have.  So before you start to bash the Jeep Cherokee, think about the
>> old analogy of "comparing apples and oranges."  I'm sure there are
>> others on this list as well that have a Cherokee or other SUV that would
>> also be willing to say when there are times that the Audi just can't do
>> what the SUV can, and vice versa.
>> Just my $.02
>> Best Regards,
>> Mark Nelson
>> Incline Village, Nevada
>> '87 5KTQ
>> '91 CQ (building for SCCA pro-rally)
>> '91 Jeep Cherokee Laredo (snow beast)
>> >From: Michael J Myers <mimyers@prairie.nodak.edu>
>> >Date: Tue, 21 Jan 1997 15:05:40 -0600 (CST)
>> >Subject: Audi vs. Jeep
>> >
>> >My mom rented a Jeep Cherokee with the 4.0L engine while her car is being 
>> >worked on.  I drove it earlier today.  Punched it down in two wheel 
>> >drive, got sideways, 4 high, sideways again.  Drove around town a bit.  
>> >Brought it back after 15 minutes and told my mom she can have it back.  
>> >Piece of....  Took my Audi out afterwards, accelerated harder and 
>> >straight as an arrow, rode and handled ten times better...  Love my 
>> >Audi.  Hmmm, imagine what kind of Audi I could get for the value of an 
>> >'94 Cherokee with 32K miles on it...
>> >	-Mike