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RE: Audi vs. Jeep

Outback has as much Clearance as the Jeep Cherokee!
Subaru does a lot of off-rad racing in Africa and Outback does a lot 
better there than does Jeep.

So I can tell you that Outback will be able to handle any terrain that 
Jeep will! It will also be able to outaccelerate and outcorner Jeep on 
that terrain!

I would really like to see how you get 22 MPG out of 4.0L truck. When you 
get 300K miles out of that Jeep - tell me about it. 
Why do you need a 4-lo gear for the outback. It's all automatic there - 
the traction is there when you need it. 

If you go by magazines, why don't you have a Dodge Cirrus??? Hey, it was 
named car of the year by many magazines!

And I'm sorry, but you have a jeep, not a GT-40!


On Wed, 22 Jan 1997, Mark Nelson wrote:

> I would like to see an Outback tackle the Rubicon Trail (My Jeep has
> done it)!!  15 mpg??? My average has been 22 mpg (my best was ~29 mpg)
> w/ Mountain driving!!
> As far I am concerned, I won't even consider an Outback.  I work w/
> quite a few people who own them, and the ground clearance is not a whole
> lot better than my 5000TQ!  Besides there isn't even a 4-Lo gear to
> shift into!
> Everyone I know that owns a Cherokee absolutely loves it (you couldn't
> pry it away from them).  The 4.0L I-6 is one of the most bulletproof
> engines ever made and will easily do 300K miles with regular oil changes
> and tune-ups.
> The Cherokee was originally designed by Roy Lund, who (if you are not
> familiar with the name), designed and build the Ford GT-40's that won Le
> Mans.  Roy is a good friend of my father's and of Vic Elford (of Le Mans
> fame in the Porsche 917 Long Tail).  As far as the SUV market is
> concerned, the Cherokee is the best value for the dollar and it's no
> wonder, since all of the major off-road magazines have named it their
> 4x4 of the year several times!
> To get to the point, an outback just won't cut it, period.
> Best Regards,
> Mark Nelson
> mnelson@brls.com
> '87 5KTQ
> '91 CQ
> '91 Jeep Cherokee Laredo
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> >If you need the clearance, why not buy an Outback??
> >
> >The bad thing about Jeeps is not handling, but their wastefullness! 
> >Come on, 15 MPG? 
> >
> >The only thing I can imagine one would need a Jeep for is to tow a 1000HP 
> >powerboat. But then you don't use too much anyways.
> >
> >Alex
> >
> >On Wed, 22 Jan 1997, Mark Nelson wrote:
> >
> >> Hi Mike, I have a '91 Jeep Cherokee Laredo (lifted) with a 4.0L and I
> >> have to admit I LOVE IT!  I also have an '87 5000CS Turbo Quattro with
> >> 180K miles on the OD, and I have a '91 Quattro Coupe that I am building
> >> for SCCA pro-rally racing (open class).  Don't get me wrong, I love my
> >> Audis too, but since I live in Lake Tahoe where we get massive amounts
> >> of snow (2 1/2' last night alone and more on the way), I have to admit
> >> that my 5000TQ has a hard time when there is 2 1/2 ' of snow on the road
> >> that has not been plowed, where my Jeep just plows right through it.
> >> Another disadvantage of the Audi is that I cannot go four wheeling way
> >> out into the back country to go camping, where as with my Jeep I can.
> >> Both vehicles are excellent vehicles, and were designed for two
> >> completely different purposes.  The Cherokee was not built for
> >> acceleration and speed, where as the Audi obviously was.  As far as I am
> >> concerned, I could not live my lifestyle without any of the vehicles I
> >> have.  So before you start to bash the Jeep Cherokee, think about the
> >> old analogy of "comparing apples and oranges."  I'm sure there are
> >> others on this list as well that have a Cherokee or other SUV that would
> >> also be willing to say when there are times that the Audi just can't do
> >> what the SUV can, and vice versa.
> >> 
> >> Just my $.02
> >> 
> >> Best Regards,
> >> 
> >> Mark Nelson
> >> Incline Village, Nevada
> >> 
> >> '87 5KTQ
> >> '91 CQ (building for SCCA pro-rally)
> >> '91 Jeep Cherokee Laredo (snow beast)
> >> 
> >> >From: Michael J Myers <mimyers@prairie.nodak.edu>
> >> >Date: Tue, 21 Jan 1997 15:05:40 -0600 (CST)
> >> >Subject: Audi vs. Jeep
> >> >
> >> >My mom rented a Jeep Cherokee with the 4.0L engine while her car is being 
> >> >worked on.  I drove it earlier today.  Punched it down in two wheel 
> >> >drive, got sideways, 4 high, sideways again.  Drove around town a bit.  
> >> >Brought it back after 15 minutes and told my mom she can have it back.  
> >> >Piece of....  Took my Audi out afterwards, accelerated harder and 
> >> >straight as an arrow, rode and handled ten times better...  Love my 
> >> >Audi.  Hmmm, imagine what kind of Audi I could get for the value of an 
> >> >'94 Cherokee with 32K miles on it...
> >> >	-Mike
> >> 
> >