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Re: Wheel Bearing Replacement for $300

>      My local independent mechanic said he needs to replace the right 
>      front wheel bearing on my '87 5KCSTQ.  He wants $174 for the 
>      wheel bearing kit and $137 for labor.  That's a total of $311 to 
>      replace one wheel bearing.  

This is usually about $250... he is way high.

>      I called two parts stores and found that I can get the bearing 
>      for $38.  I then called back my mechanic and told him that his 
>      bearing kit was way over priced so he agreed to charge me $97 for 
>      the bearing, which I feel is still over priced.  Then he said the 
>      left front bearing may also be bad but they will not know for 
>      sure until they replace the right bearing and test drive it.  Now 
>      I'm possibly looking at spending close to $500 to have two wheel 
>      bearing replaced that I can buy for $76.

You also need an axle nut and bolt for the ball joint (maybe a circlip
if the old on gets damaged.  Takes it up to $50 for parts (that's what
I paid Linda).

>      So my questions are, Should the mechanic be able to tell if both 
>      bearings are bad at the same time? 

Yes.  Put car on rack, run it and use a stethescope to listen to
the bearings.  At least that is how Bellevue Motor Sports told me
how they identify which bearing is bad.

Can I replace the bearings 
>      myself?  Do the bearings need to be pressed in?  Does anyone know 
>      of a good honest Audi mechanic near San Clemente, CA?

There is a tool... costs $200 or so which presses them in/pulls them out.
Pays for itself with two replacements!  I have one, but it's loaned out
at the moment...