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4ksq Fan Fuse + Poor Cold Start

Hi all,

I just returned from a trip to Mt. Lassen and had a couple of things go amiss
in my ever so reliable 4kq that I wanted to ask the list about.

1. For no apparent reason the 30 amp fuse for the heater/AC fan, AC, (and I
donít recall exactly whatall else) blew. When this occured the car was idling
and stumbled down to about 500 rpm for a moment. I didnít have my trusty old
Fluke but the carís voltmeter appeared normal for the entire trip and my
battery is almost new. Replaced said fuse and all has been fine ever
since...is this a precurrsor of things to come?

2. First cold start was real bad (and it wasnít that cold really...mid 20ís
at the lowest Iíd guess). Turned over fine but didnít want to start. Once it
did, it idled really bad for about 15 - 20 seconds. This happened at Yosemite
last winter too...but I thought that after a major service and new battery
things would be better. Here at home, where it is not so cold, and sea level,
I only experienced this once on a very cold (for here) morning. The rest of
the time this car starts perfectly and runs excellent. Any ideas?

This car has 156k miles and Iím the second owner. The injectors and seals
have never been changed. I fear that with this re-formulated gas we have here
in CA that perhaps Iím starting to loose the seals-donít know but horror
stories abound and I know my milage suffers bad in both the q and my
girlfriendís 85 ovlov. I run a dose of Techron before oil changes and
perceive a difference but that might just be perception not reality...have
always done it (first with swepco later with techron) with my injected cars
though. My idle is slightly less smooth than normal but well within what I
considor normal for the I5 motors (based on owning 6 of Ďem over the past 9
years)...this may tie in-dunno. Thanks in advance for any comments or
suggestions of things to check for.

Mike Veglia
85 4ksq