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Stongard in northern California

The following is info for anyone from N. CA who might be interested in
getting Stongard applied to their car.

Currently there are no Stongard distributor/installers in the area.  The
closest is LA.  I have been in contact w/ the distributor in LA, and am
making arrangements for him to come to the area to apply Stongard to my
car(s) sometime in the next couple of weeks (depends when a car gets
delivered to dealer).  If you are interested in getting it installed, now
might be a good time, since the distributor doesn't normally travel up this
way, and it takes a couple of cars to make it worth his investment in time,
transportation, etc.

Anyway, thought I'd let folks know about the opportunity.  You can email me
direct (jpretti@mariners.com) if you are interested.