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Re: A4 Radio information (Was: 36 hours)

feb@febsun.cmhnet.org writes:
> I'm running a few days behind.

That's ok.  I'm running a few MONTHS behind.  :-)  Actually, having a new
A4 has kept me up-to-date on the quattro list, but I had 30K other
unread messages just the other day.  That's in about 35 news groups...

> Do these things show in the middle of the cluster, between
> the speedometer and the tachometer?  In my 95 A6, there is a
> small display window (less than 1" square) with some of this

Yes, that's the one.  My '90 has the small one that says "OK"
in it as well.  The A4 has a HUGE one, probably 3" by 4".  It
displays information like this:



* +15F








The top holds the radio information and also the normal "OK" or "FUEL"
symbols when needed.  It shows either Station type, call-sign, or
frequency, and band and preset (FM band bank 1 preset 3).

The next area shows the outside temp, and the '*' is a snowflake meaning
it's damn cold.  :-)

Next is the trip computer.  I don't know what a car without it is
like.  Again, this is a rather large display, is in between the tach
and speedo, and is bitmapped.  It can display in red (normally)
or amber for the OK/FUEL/whatever.

I've got a picture of it that I need to get developed (with 19 miles
on the odometer), and I can XVScan it in...

> available as an option in the German home market.  For example,
> the German spec version of the S4 had an optional radio called
> the "Audi Gamma CD" that was an in-dash AM/FM/RDS CD player.

That's what I'd want.  In the end, I'm probably just going to get
the Audi player since it integrates well with the head unit.  I
was originally going to get the base sysetm and have a better system
installed with the nice Sony 10 disc changer that has a 10 second
skip buffer.  <sigh>  Oh well...

> trip to an Audi dealer (chosen at random in Munich) and bought
> this radio for my A6.  I paid dearly for it ($1200), but I am told that
> if you know where to shop you can buy one used for much less ($400.)

Youch!  $1200 for an AUDI CD player?  Heck, I was looking at the top
of the line Sony in-dash units with 35WPC into 4 channels, and they
were under $400.  Then with the high-end 10-disc changer it's
under $900...

> Finally, with regard to the auto-up windows, I too think that's
> a great feature, and I am really ticked that my 95 doesn't have it!
> I hope to someday be able to retro fit the auto-up to my 95.

The two things I would have paid money for on that car are:

  More power -- 225 or so would have been *FUN*.  Now it's just FUN. :-)
  Those nifty seats in the A6 that auto adjust by the key in the ignition.
	 I'm 6'2, Evelyn is 5'9.  We usually drive the same car...

We're waiting on the SCSI driver to be delivered.  Look for the new
XVScan within the next couple of weeks.

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