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Windshield Leaks Water

In response to a comment about the '91 200q leaking water from the
windshield, a good friend suggested this approach to isolating the
penetration point:

        a. attach shop vac hose to slightly vented window
        b. seal opening with duct tape
        c. seal rest of car, including vents
        d. attach hose to vac to blow OUT
        e. pour mild solution of dish detergent and water (50/50?) around
           suspect area, similar to what you do to check gas leaks when you
           change tanks on your outdoor grill

You should generate enough pressure to blow bubbles around leaks.

If you inadvertently blow dirt and sawdust all over your interior, reverse
hose and...whoops,sorry!

Steve Gronback
TGS Studios
91 Audi 200q
Look KG 96 Team Replica