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A4 v. Neon?

On 26 Jan 97 at 14:17, Jeff sez:

> Do you think you could get an A4 with 300 hp for $23k? No such
> thing as a free lunch.

Nope.  An A4 is a bargain as it stands.  Just underpowered.  I'd like 
more, thank you, and am willing to pay for it. Audi, however, is not 
willing to bring it over.

And to the smart-*sses who advised me to get a Neon & another list, letr 
me remind you of the lost skill of reading ALL the words.  I said "<gag> 
Neon" now, didn't I?  (Sheesh!  True Believers!)
Gene R. Rankin / Madison, WI / USA