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Re: UrQ w/o flares?

Tom Nas, DTP Direct bv wrote:
> Hi all,
> I need the collective wisdom of the list. Last Saturday I was walking
> around an industrial estate on my way to a model car swapmeet. Had to park
> some way from the actual venue because model car nuts are 1:1 car nuts too
> :-)
> Anyway, I photographed 2 UrQs (very rare here in Holland, the first UrQs I
> saw in more than a year!) and I saw another one drive by. At least, I'm not
> sure what it was. It looked like a Coupe GT, but it had the quattro badge
> on the grill and q-lettering in the rear defroster. It featured no
> aftermarket embellishments, so I thought it wasn't a wannabe. Very clean,
> plates said it was an '86. But this car had no UrQ-style skirts, spoilers
> and flared wheelarches. It did feature Audi alloys. Apart from the q-cues
> it looked like a standard Coupe GT. It was gone before I could get my
> camera out.
> -What was this car?
> TIA,
> Tom
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I know of two quattro coupes in the USA that do not have fender flares etc. and appear to be coupe GT's.  Both 
of these are Grey market cars from Germany.  One was campaigned quite successfully by John Buffum and later by 
his step son Paul Choinoire (sp) in SCCA pro Rally!  They are normally aspirated, 10 valve five cylinder 
engines with 84 to87 vintage quattro drivetrains.  I think the one Buffum had is for sale.  Hope this helps.

Geoff Jones
Amherst, NH
'82 Ur-Q USA (c)
'93 S4