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V6, Snow Tires, etc.

  OFFICE MEMO          V6, Snow Tires, etc.                  
I've been following three threads.  Here are my comments:

My experience with the Audi V6:  I now have slightly over 49K on my
1993 90csq.  The only apparent problem was an annoying check engine
gremlin at about 30K that was finally diagnosed as a faulty relay
(gotta love those Audi relays; I can go back to the parts list and
identify which one if anyone is interested).  I have changed oil
(Castrol Syntec or regular 10W40 which the dealer uses) at half
intervals and used OEM filters all along.  To date, I have not had to
add oil, so I am a bit concerned about reports that the V6 normally
uses oil.  The engine has definitely loosened up over the past 20K or
so, getting about ten percent better mileage around town and on the
highway (averaging 25-27 combined depending on my driving habits). 
Off-the-line acceleration is sometimes painfully slow, but acceleration
on slippery surfaces just about makes up for it :-).  I enjoy the tip
in between 3500 and 4500 rpm, and there even seems to be another one at
about 4900.  Can't wait to try a A4 turbo with its more linear power

Scott- FWIW, I've stated several times on the list that I've used the
P210s every winter since 93-94 and like them a lot.  To be honest, I
was not aware of the Nokian NRWs at the time, and getting them in and
around Lansing, Michigan, requires a special order.  So what I can
provide is a single data point.  That said, I have experienced no
problems in conditions ranging from deep snow (>8in.) to slush to many
types of ice, although they're probably not as good on polished ice
than Blizzaks.  Compared with typical all-season tires, acceleration is
excellent, passing is no problem, braking is very good to excellent,
cornering much better.  I have no complaints in dry and wet conditions
realizing they are snow tires after all.  They have worn very well and
are actually quieter than many all-season tires I've owned.  I have a
lot of confidence in them, but would change if and when a better
technology comes along.

One other data point for those concerned with 93-95 90 quattros pulling
to the right, left, or both directions at once.  Haven't experienced it
with any of three different tire combinations.  I do note that the car
is sensitive to roads with high crowns.  It will "fall off" the crown
in either direction, but I would guess most cars do this.

Mike Thomas
Okemos, Michigan
1993csq Sport
1992 Mitsubishi Expo Sport AWD
(would trade for an A5 minivan)