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Re: Allignment Hell!

On Wed, 29 Jan 1997, Dupree, Robert A. wrote:

> it would cost to have them finish the job, and they had the gall to tell   
> me that they originally could not finsh the job due to the state of the   
> rear suspension (too rusted!?!)  They are going to call me back with   

I had a problem with the boltss that hold the toe control links in 
place.  They were so tight, that a mechanic broke one, and I destroyerd 
the rest when I removed them last fall.  When I had the rear suspension 
out of the car, I decided to get those apart  while they were easy to get 
at, so that I could align the thing later.

>        Front:        Left:                              Right:
> Camber             -0.38                             -0.47
> Cross Camber                  -0.10
> Caster                NA                                NA
> Cross Caster                      NA

Camber looks good.   WHy is there an NA beside Castor?

> Toe                   -0.02                             -0.02
> Total Toe                          -0.04

Looks OK too.

I'd stick with fasctory specs on the rear also.

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