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Re: Oh No...Oil Leak

On Jan 30,  8:55am, Audi200TQ@aol.com wrote:
> Subject: Oh No...Oil Leak
[..] I have this MAJOR
> oil leak coming from around the area under the hydrolic fluid resvr.

	200TQ oil-leak virus going around, huh? :-)

	The pressure accumulator feeder (return?) hose is at the bottom
	of the reservoir -- on my '85 5KT, this rotted out and leaked
	like anything. Simple replacement job, if this is the case. There
	are few places hydraulic fluid can leak from, and in the region you
	mention, I can't think of any other.

>  In
> three Audi's, I've never had an oil leak (had every other leak though).

	You're kidding ... or amazingly lucky!

	Good luck!


	'91 200Q (53K)
	'85 5KT (136K)

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Pixar Animation Studios
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