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Re: Update to CFC-free AC compressor...

On Jan 31,  1:51am, Daniel Hussy wrote:
> Subject: Update to CFC-free AC compressor...
> I am wondering if anyone her
> e had done this?  And, how hard is it?  Do you have to change out the entire
> system, or just replace the compressor with this new (updated) type?  And, if
> ot, can an AC compressor be repaired?  And, just out of curiousity, how much
> uld an OEM AC compressor for an Audi 5kTQ cost?  Any info on this topic would
> be appreciated.  TIA.

	I looked into this when my compressor bit the dust last summer.
	A rebuilt compressor is cheap (at least if you have the AC Delco
	Harrison unit) -- $130 or so -- even at the local mass-market
	parts store (I checked at Grand Auto), and is capable of handling
	the new CFC-free refrigerant. To convert the entire system, you
	have to replace the receiver and drier (?) as well, but I seem
	to remember that you're supposed to do this even if you don't
	change refrigerants.

	It doesn't seem to be a big deal, except that you have to have someone
	evacuate your system, and then recharge it with the new refrigerant.

	Several other people on the list are more knowledgeable than I in
	this regard, and I'm sure they'll say more ..


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