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Re: Update to CFC-free AC compressor...

>Do you have to change out the entire AC
>system, or just replace the compressor with this new (updated) type?  And,
if n
>ot, can an AC compressor be repaired?  And, just out of curiousity, how
much wo
>uld an OEM AC compressor for an Audi 5kTQ cost?  Any info on this topic
>be appreciated.  TIA.
It's a bit involved to convert to the new refrigerant, close to $1K,
additionally, the new refrigerant doesn't cool as effectively as the R12
(freon), it also uses a higher pressure system which brings it's own set of
troubles. Your best bet is to fix your system and stick with R12 (which is
BTW an excellent heat absorbing gas installed in a AC system "designed by
GM"). New replacement refrigerant come to the market almost weekly,
recently Pennzoil is starting to advertise a new refrigerant which suppose
to be a direct replacement to the R12 with very few modifications needed to
your existing AC system.
Stick with R12 (freon).
Avi Meron 
86 5Kcstq
I am not always the devil's advocate, but never one to miss an