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Update to CFC-free AC compressor...

    Hey y'all

      Thanks for all the bandwith on the improting of grey market cars.  My nex
t question is one I've never heard on the list.  My AC compressor has a freon l
eak.  I have had it filled with this knowledge before (please don't report me
to the EPA), but I figure it will take about about 6-8 months before it will ru
n out again.  Then, it will be another $90 to refill it.  By the time I do this
two or three times, it will probably pay for a new compressor.

      My question is, has anyone on the list updated thier AC compressor to the
CFC free ones, that use the environmentally friendly freon equivelant, that cos
ts what freon used to.  I plan on keeping my car for a long time, so I am thini
ng it might be worth it to invest in this system.  I am wondering if anyone her
e had done this?  And, how hard is it?  Do you have to change out the entire AC
system, or just replace the compressor with this new (updated) type?  And, if n
ot, can an AC compressor be repaired?  And, just out of curiousity, how much wo
uld an OEM AC compressor for an Audi 5kTQ cost?  Any info on this topic would
be appreciated.  TIA.