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Re: Fuel Pump Bees

Hairy green toads from Mars made Audi200TQ@aol.com say:

> December of 1995 I drove my 1990 200 TQ to FL from MA to surprise mom for her
> 50th.  Left in a snow storm and returned in a snowstorm.  Quattro got me
> there in no time flat, but on the way back, like a spark plug died, the more
> I gave it gas, the more it slowed.  The car bucked all the way to the next
> gas stop.  Turned the car off/then on again and it drove fine all the way
> home.  Didnt see the problem again till the mid of June 1996.  I also noticed
> the buzzing from the fuel pump that would buzz real high for a little then
> back to buzzing low.  I was told it is a fuel pump gone bad.  Dont fuel pumps
> just quit?

Replace the pump and the filter, and you will be on your way again.

I ignored that swarm of bees a little too long in my car, and it
stopped one night on the way home from work.

Fuel pumps give a lot of notice that they are failing, and die
slowly. The filter can get shreds of plastic from the pump in
it that clog it up, causing your bucking.

It's much easier to do this at your convenience....


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