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Re: NH Mechanic & 4kcsq front end noise?

Hairy green toads from Mars made Peter E. Tengstrand say:

> I've just recently relocated southern New Hampshire and I was wondering if
> anyone could recommend a good mechanic in the area? I'm in the 
> Nashua/Manchester area but I don't mind driving a bit out of my way if the
> service is good. I've checked the archive on Q mechs in the area and they
> all seem to be in Massachusetts, strange for a state that seems to be so
> full of Audi's. 

The previous suggestion of Chris at Autobahn is a good one (going
up there next wednesday for a new bomb), but I can add another:

Eurosport Motorocars in Merrimack.  424-5100. They are a big
shop that handles european cars, almost all german. Tim is good
at his job, and his job is Audis.  They are big enough that they
have some of the more specialized equipment for esoteric jobs.

And, if your car is DOA, they have an interesting selection of
used cars available, including 2 '91 200TQ20V's.


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