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Re: 4KSQ: Aftermarket Springs

Not that I know of, But the H & R spring kit I have on my car only droped 
it aprox. 3/4 inch. I love the H & R (G.P.R. 1-800-321-5432 $220 + tax, ship)
I have a friend who just had the Eibach Kit put in his 84 4kq and I like 
the H & R better. We are both using Boge Turbo Gas struts, His are new 
and mine are 1.5 years old. The H & R kit is much stiffer (evean tho my 
struts are older). The Eibbach kit is about midline between the stock and 
the H & R in stifness. If you drive agressively and on curvy roads I 
would suggest the H & R. If you want a more "touring" feal then I wold go 
with the Eibach. (avalible from wolfsport 1-800-342-8669 $250)
I have much experance with both vendor and they are both great. If you 
call wolfsport ask for Eddie.

Paul Robertson

86 4kq
272 Deg. Cam
H & R sprig Kit

On 29 Jan 1997, Mark Engebretson wrote:

> I have 126K on my  '85 4000SQ and it is in desperate need of new struts.  
> I figure that I might as well replace the springs at the same time.  
> However, the only aftermarket springs that I have found (Eibach, HR), 
> lower the car considerably.  Since the 4000 already has a low stance, I 
> would rather not turn the car into a 110hp snow blower.  Are there any 
> aftermarket spring out there that will retain the stock (or near stock) 
> height?
> In addition to diminished cornering, my Audi appears to be suffering from 
> a sagging butt in its old age.
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