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Re: Rebuild ZF pump

On Feb 7, 12:07pm, Meron wrote:
> Subject: Re: Rebuild ZF pump
> >Have fun with those "X" caps......
> There is absolutely no PROBLEM  with X caps done properly,
> Here is how you do it:
> 1. get a flat "screw driver bit" the size of the X, can be obtained from:
> craftsman tools, Harbor Freight (very cheap), Snap-On (very spendy) and a
> million other places...
> 2. get a "impact driver" the kind you hammer on (not use air), see above
> for tool source
> 3. attach the screw driver bit to the impact hammer and pound away make
> sure you do it in the correct direction...

	Avi is very close to what the 200 manual specifies:

	1/2" hand impact drive.
	3/4" drag link socket to fit above. (picture shows socket with chisel
	tip -- no idea why it's called "drag link").
	Grind down tip 1 mm on both sides.

	The impact drive is easily available, but I haven't found the
	socket yet. I'm going to try Sears today.


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