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Re: A4 remote locks

I got the same problem before.
I told my dealer to check it, and they find out that
the lock in the left hand side door is not working 
well with the security system... (that was what he
told me.) And he changed the remote lock for my 
left hand door.
And.... I also have the experience that the remote
control doesn't work well. Even I stand really close
to my car, sometimes I need to push the button few
times to open my door.

Other question, my car starts to have break noise.
and... few times got the noise when I made U turn.
Any clue???


On 5 Feb 1997, Mark Quinn/HNS wrote:

> OK so now we have at LEAST 4 owners of '97 A4's (George 
> Economou, Bob Cotton, Sean Reifschneider and myself) who 
> are having problems with their remote fobs 'going to sleep' 
> occasionally.  Is this a conspiracy (he whispers, his head low 
> and his eyes darting from side to side)?  
> Really.  I wonder if this IS an endemic fault, or some built-in 
> undocumented feature (yeah, right!) to do with disabling 
> locks in case of nearby thieves trying to crack remote codes?
> [Of course, I'm a software developer, so the difference 
> between "fault" and "feature" is not readily distinguishable!]
> What do you think (co-owners with problems) should we rise 
> up with the proletariat and pettition NHTSA for a recall?  ... or 
> at least Audi?  
> Do any '96 A4 owners have this problem?  Do any other '97 
> A4 or A6 owners have the problem?  Reply privately (to keep
> the BW off the qlist) and I'll publish the results.
> -Mark Quinn (quinn@hns.com)