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Re: A4 2.8 drivetrain bounce

The hesitation U are talking about maybe is same as my
experience of glitch.
The feeling is like...something is not smooth, and
I feel I hit on something.
~2 months, I started to feel that.
after 5~, I even have those glitch feeling when I shift
from 2 to 3 gear, even from 3 to 4. 

I told my dealer about it.... they told me they cannot feel it!

New my car was new, I just feel it once for a while.
but now.... always. Seriously, this is a disguisting feeling...


On Wed, 5 Feb 1997, Lawrence Chee wrote:

> I have test driven the A4Q 2.8 stick.  It seems to me that when
> engaging 2nd gear, I get a noticeable hesitation or thump.  Reading
> C&D and a German magazine, they have both made comments about the 
> drivetrain bounce.  Is this what I am experiencing?  I would like to 
> know if the 1.8t stick has the same characteristic and would like 
> feedback from anyone who has either the 2.8 or 1.8t stick.  The 2/97 
> issue of C&D says that the 1.8t doesn't have the drivetrain bounce 
> found in the 2.8.
> BTW, up in Canada, my dealer says that my 1.8t stick won't be in until
> June at the earliest.  I put my order in mid January.  At that time, he
> said that the first production of the 1.8t stick won't come on line
> until end of Feb and that my car won't see the production line until 
> sometime near the end of March!
> Lawrence
> lawrence@vdc.smos.com