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MANY MANY thanks and stuff to y'all...

I was overwhelmed with messages of kindness from eveyone, especially from
Coupe owners, regarding the sale of my beloved 1991 Coupe.  I'm buying a US
Jeep Mail Truck in the interim, until the loan gets approved for the sooooped
up miata I am getting (aka boxster).  It was very cool to hear from you all!

For those of you who thought a man bought my car- WRONG- it was a young woman
who bought it, and she is interested in joining the list.  Her name is Dali
and she chose the car over an A4.  Smart choice.

I will continue on with the list when issues come up with mom's A6Q and sis's
A4Q.  If anyone is interested in photo's of "Dali's" coupe, let me know! I
took a couple of great fairwell shots with a fisheye lens...

And thank you all for a great 18 months.  Your comments have helped save me
time and money, and your humor wasn't too bad either.  And fletcher- lighten
up.  It's just cars we're talking about here!

Many thanks-
Saam Gabbay
1997 Silver Boxster (counting chickens WAY before hatch date....)