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Re: what bulb for the 80/90/cq center console switches (fog, abs, defrost switch

> OK, a bulb in the center consol switch in the CQ and 90 burned out, went to
> dealer, he sold me a 1.2 watt, this is the lowest watt bulb they have, buy
> it's brighter than the rest and the switch gets warm as a result.  After
> having it in there for 2 months, I went to take it out and the shroud that
> holds it in went from white to yellow (due to heat of bulb).

I recall that there is a double secret bulb not illustrated on
the ETKA/ microfiche. It is burried at the top of the text 
with the key "  -  " meaning "Don't try to find me on
an illustration cause I'm not there".

There also was a double secret tech bulletin a couple of
years ago about replacing bulbs in switches (historically 
can't be done except  HL Switch & Flasher switch).
Parts people aren't supposed to see tech bulletins, but I

The part number that comes to mind is 8A0-919-062 don't
know the watts.
If that's not correct E-Mail me & I'll look it up for you when I
get to work next week.

The 1.2 bulb is part number N0177512

Vince Lyons