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Re: Ain't no Audis made in Austria

 In a message dated 97-02-09 00:24:22 EST, e6941tb@gnn.com writes:
 >>>Actually, all of the A8 (as well as all V8 before it) are built in the
 >>>Audi's austrian plant (at Gratz). >>

To which ScharfR@aol.com replied

 >> Actually, it's Graz, it's a Steyr plant, and they don't build Audis.*
 >>Audi doesn't have an Austrian plant.  ALL of the A8s are built in
 >>Germany as were almost all of the V8 quattros before them (the exception
 >>eing a very limited number of V8 Long* models, the stretch job that was
 >>never imported to North America).
To which e6941tb@gnn.com writes further: 

>Give me some time to find a December issue of Automotive Industries mag,
> where they traditionally publish a huge year-end centrefold called "the
> world wide car manufacturing and affiliations". You'd be surprised by
> some sudden unexpected connections and affiliations. I will even give
> you the Audi production numbers for the Gratz plant.  >
To which ScharfR makes a final reply:

I get the magazine, have the poster, know the relationship, and am aware of
the inacuracies in the poster.  That being said, the publicly disclosed
business relationship that currently exists between Steyr and Audi AG is for
Steyr to do the production development for the Audi TT.  Steyr _did not_ win
the actual TT production contract, that was awarded to Audi's own engine
plant in Gyor, Hungary.

As I indicated in my earlier post, Steyr participated in the production of
the trivial quantity of V8 Long stretch models that were built.  The quantity
scarcely deserves to be called production.  If you are aware of some other
relationship and production numbers, I'd be pleased to learn of it.