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Re: A4 Tiptronic transmission for 1998

It was written:

<< > My questions:   What exactly is the tiptronic transmission?  Is it truly
 > a manual/ auto combination, and if so, how does that work?   Does it
 > behave more like a manual or an auto?
 >It's more like a manual, or the kind of preselector used on heavy vehicles.
 It>'s  certainly _NOT_ deserving of the "slushbox" moniker. >>

It's _just_ like a slushbox if you leave it in "D."  If you move the lever
laterally from "D" over to the manual slot, you can shift up or down
manually, one gear at a time.  The ECU also has sufficient smarts to prevent
your doing anything really stupid.  But the reality is (as Porsche found out)
that after the initial "kid-with-a-new-toy" period, most drivers/most of the
time stick it in "D" and Drive.  This goes for the European and U.S.