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Radar Detector Installation

Hi All:

I would like to hard-wire my Bel 745 radar detector on my A4.  I seem to 
recall someone posting instructions for wiring into the sunroof control a 
few months back, but I can't find anything in the archives (have you ever 
tried to find anything in the archives?).  I don't know if I want to wire 
into the sunroof control or just into the fuse panel, but I need some 
advice either way.

The detector has a straight cord with a jack on the end for plugging into 
the cigarette adaptor.  Can I just cut off the jack and wire one lead to an 
ignition-dependent fuse and the other to a ground?  Or do I need to install 
an in-line fuse?  Any particular special grounding issues I need to know 
Can anyone provide any instructions or assistance for any of this?

With regard to the sunroof-control installation.  Does anybody have the 
info on doing this or can you point me to the right place?

Any assistance is appreciated,

Mark Blum