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Re : MacRebuild


Really, I know the potential danger to my engine, but I'd love to rebuld 
the thing anyway, and a blown head gasket would be an excellent impetus to 
doing so.   I could o-ring the block with those fancy ($$$) nitrogen 
filled, stainless o-rings, port and polish the head, change the cam, 
stroke the crank, and bore it out.    Hmmmmmm 2.5litres, 20psi safely, 
and better flow all around....   Lets see, where's that boost knob?  Hmm, Up 
is clockwise...

Above every dark cloud the sun is still shining, you should just have a 
contingency plan in you hip pocket(and some $$$), and I see you do. 
Mine is similar, if the day ever comes where I would need it. In the 
meantime, I will keep pushing the boost/timing envelope, hopefully 
with my head gasket intact.