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Headlight chip repair

So I just did something really stupid.  For those of you who may remember, I
ordered adhesive-backed headlight protectors made by 3M in Nov.  At that time
I wasn't sure whether I should get the Euro lights for my V8 or not
(Approx.$700).  So I decided to wait before putting them on and viola! on my
trip this past week to NC/SC I happened to be behind an 18 wheeler and you
guessed it... POP on the right headlight.  

Now I still haven't decided to get the Euro lights, with all the money I
could apply to other things, but don't know if the headlight can be
effectively repaired without silicone.  The normal Windshield fix probably
won't work, as it is very liquid and designed to be used on laminated/safety
glass and cured by UV rays, I believe. I've put some very clear packing tape
that I picked up at W**mart in the interim.  But since the chip is between
the low and high beam sections, I thought I could possibly take out the
headlight, clean it out (if lucky enough find the glass chip inside) and put
some tape over the hole from the inside, tilt it so the glass is facing
upward and then trying the windshield repair kit.  Anyone tried this or have
any better ideas?