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Re: headlight glass fix?

In a message dated 97-02-13 17:10:15 EST, armanmik@n-jcenter.com (Mike Arman)

<< use Devcon 5-minute epoxy. To fill pits and bulls-eyes, we use Devcon
 epoxy. We let it harden, and then clean it up with razor blades and acetone.
 The Devcon epoxies are the clearest ones we've found and don't change color
 later." I seem to recall lots of weeping, wailing, and gnashing of teeth on
 this list about rock dings in the glass lenses on various headlights.
 Anyone have a damaged light assembly stashed away (can't bear to throw it
 out - the new one cost $9,0000,00000!) they'd like to experiment on and then
 report back to the rest of us?
 Best Regards,
 Mike Arman
Thanks, Mike!

Sounds like the most feasible and permanent/not ugly solution I've heard/read
so far.  I'll try it this weekend and report back.