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HAHA. Just got done searching the archives, found that while I was 
between servers, a lot of people received the message umpteen times. I 
only sent it once. Don't know what happened...

Oh yeah... on this drunk driving thing...

Eight days ago I saw the final product of a pretty neat wreck here in 
beautiful Oxford, Ohio. The accounts go like this...
A car, breezing through a four way stop at less than prudent speeds, 
somehow managed to knock a parked CRX into a storefront (25' away), 
denting and ravaging 4 other cars in the mix. The CRX was an utter 
farging mess.
The car that caused this all?  A '96 A6 Avant. I was talking to the 
bartender who I would be working with later... He stated that the driver, 
who he knew personally, had managed to finish about half a fifth of 
Dewar's in about 45 minutes. 

The driver was alright, but the A6 looked like it would need some work.

Draw your own conclusions.

--Ted Harlan