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RE: Radar jamming

You can indeed by radar jammers but the best ones come incomplete
intentionally to avoid certain laws and require assembly. For around
$2000 you can get a pretty effective setup. Most others you will find
ineffective out side of 500 feet (152.4 meters). By this time they
usually have you anyway. While I love this idea a lot, I am a little old
fashioned a still drive by the seat of pants. My understanding is the
officer will seize your jammer but isn't likely to press federal charges
against you. It isn't worth it to them.
 As a side thought to this. If you get a ticket in an area patroled by
aircraft be sure that the ticket has two signatures on it! If it only
has the John Hancock of the officer in the patrol car, you can tell him
bye-bye. In California at least, the ticket must be signed by the
officer that clocked you and you don't have to wait.
Anton J. Gaidos, III
PC Design
Motorola Computer Group
"The fortunate man knows how much he can safely leave to chance"

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>     Broadcasting a radar signal is highly illegal.  Broadcasting is 
>     controlled by the FCC.  This could get you into more trouble than 
>     speeding.
>     Causing the cars in front of you with radar detectors to slow down by 
>     broadcasting a radar signal neutralizes the effectiveness of using 
>     your radar detector to catch instant-on.
>     Jack Rich