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Re: Planning to go for Eibach

My set-up of H&R springs and KYB shocks/struts . . . I love the H&R's. I
was never out
for the stiffest car or flattest attitude, so take from this what you

Kwattro@aol.com wrote:
> I have eibach spriings and boge pro gas on my 86 4000CS quattro.  It rides
> like a race car!  I Love It!!!!
> Kwattro
> 86 4000CS quattro
> 86 Coupe GT (FS)
> 86 GTi

  Yeah, where do you live?, Mr. Fung, California?(after all were you not
the investigator who screwed up in the O.J. trial?)??! I live with
potholes year round and drive hard enough to break cars in half, never
mind bending wheels. ;)   <Here I go w/ this keyboard language, Never
Been There, ND That.>