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spark plug wires

My 93 90CS has been running a little weak and just a tad rough lately,
so I started looking for 'easy ways out', simple fixes, etc.  My first
check struck gold (maybe); I was checking resistances in spark plug
wires, they were all around 1K, except one was about .5K and another one
read "oo" which is infinity in DMM-ese, which meant that nothing was
getting through it.  So: 2 questions:

1: I've decided that even though it's pretty early I'll just replace all
six of them.  Is there some tool I can get that will make it easier to
pull them out?  It's a real PITA squeezing in there (pun intended)(I am
not proud) to get them, and I had to use channel locks (that may account
for the problems on at least one of them) to pull them out.

2: What about the plugs themselves?  Should I replace them?  I've been
having the car dealer serviced (free) so I don't know what they've been
doing with them.  If so, is there a tool for them?  I in fact have a
tool for removing spark plugs that worked on earlier cars, but there's
something in the way of all of them in this car, and it just doesn't

3: (did I say two questions?  nahhh...) What's the easiest way to get at
the air filter in this car?  I eventually got to it with much huffing
and puffing and cursing without removing that huge hose; will I have to
do that?  The screw to loosen the clamp on the hose is inexplicably
pointing the wrong way so I can't get at it...

For those of you who recall my earlier posts, you no longer have to
reply by e-mail as I sat down last night and this morning and worked
through 67 (yes, 67) unread digests and have successfully cleared my



93 90CS
Bone stock
Needs: Air filter (K&N) Springs and shocks (H&R/Boge or KYB) Tires
(Pirelli or Nitto) Washing (Handfuls of quarters) TLC (S&M)(just
checking to see if you were paying attention)