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Re: Why Qwagons rule.

>>In a note dated 2/15/97 Doug Miller writes:
>><<Herewith, I lay out why wagons are superior to the spacially impaired
>>sedans most of you listers pilot:>> <<major snip...>>
>>Cruel...I can't agree more, you made me truly miss my 5ktq wagon ever so much
>>more with your well written comments-the Porsche/Audi dealers called the tq
>>wagons the "station wagon that thinks its a sports car" and they certainly
>>were correct.
>It's nice to know there are people out there who understand why the Qwagon
>was my dream car.  After all, enjoying the journey is the basis for
>performance oriented motoring, but having room to carry a few things to
>play with upon arrival is icing on the cake.  Not everyone understands
>this as most of the motoring public focuses on image rather than enjoyment
>of motoring (Qlisters fall into the latter group, or course).

Doug Miller
97A6Q Wagon, 93 LandCruiser w/diff locks (and well used skidplates), 71
LeMans Sport V8 Convertible. Cannondale Super V 900 Comp.