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Re: (a very volitile subject-really)

Daniel Hussey wrote:
>       Just to make a point here....
>       I am in college and consider myself very responsible, but people DO drink
> and drive all the time in college.  Fortunately most people know when they've
> had to much and call a cab (or, I tell them call me....anytime).
>       But, my biggest problem is when the buerocrats say they are going to crac
> k down on drinkng and driving.  What do they do????  Why, they lower the legal
> drinking limit again!  I am thoroughly against this and I feel it causes more
> trounble than it is worth.  Of, course, no one should drink and drive, but the
> fact is, it happens.  But, I would rather have the guy who's tanked and on the
> road get arrested rather than me after 2 or 3 cold ones.  Even if people who ar
> e just at the limit are off the road, big deal.  The people who are way over th
> e limit and are a real threat are still out there.  Get the picture.
>                                                             Later,
>                                                             Dan

     No, do you want to be able to drive home after 2 or 3 and not be
worried? If so I can understand. I feel that some people are more
responsible and/or simply just better at driving, so couple the two
together and you get the point I was trying to make in my original post.
My father drank 4 or 5 beers at his favorite bar and drove home daily
for 30 yrs. I never thought of him as a capable driver(i.e.
race/emergency technique knowledge/experience), but I also never thought
of him as a threat to the public. He just took it easy(as he always
does) and never so much as scared a cat off the road. I also feel as if
there are some that have ruined it for others, but I stopped Drinking &
Driving several years back, and now I hardly drink at all(a fact I'm
proud of since I thought it was in my genes!) so I never worry about it.
However, I think the line should be drawn at "0", for everyone,
regardless of alcohol tolerance or driving ability, otherwise the rule
will be bent.
      Hey, speaking of D&D, anyone watch Mad T.V. Sat. night, they just
did a spoof on the Nissan 300ZX commercial. Pretty funny, if you can
laugh at the effects of D&D, but quite obviously some people on this
list cannot and I understand. They had a safari doll drinking out of a
canteen in a convertible Mustang G.T.(what else) and then proceeding to
crash into doll houses, run over Barbie, and generally drive like a
drunk. He ended up at the girl doll's house and got in a fight w/ the
father of the girl doll. It was all in jest at Nissan and our society,
so take it for what it is.
 p.s. I don't know if my "thank you" post got thru to the list. If it
did, disregard. If it didn't, well in short, Thank YOU ALL for replying
to what I thought was a fuel problem. It turned out to be the ignition
switch module, which Steven Buchholz suggested.
						Thanks again!