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Re: Am I Just Lucky?

In a message dated 97-02-19 23:32:40 EST, you write:

<< 1)  To break my crank bolt loose, I used a 2 foot extension on a 
 1/2" drive breaker bar.  It took a good stout pull, but that was all. 
 Am I just lucky??  I figure that at the end of a 2-foot extension, I 
 can pretty easily apply 300 lbs/ft of loosening torque.  I had a 4-
 foot pipe rady to use, but didn't need it.  (I plan to use it when 
 putting the bolt back on.)
 2)  My Bentley specifically shows the torque on the crank bolt to be 
 258 lbs/ft., or 350 n-m.  I have heard specs of upwards of 300 foot-
 pounds quoted for this.  Unless there is a heckuva lot of variation 
 of torque specs from year to year on the I-5, someone is overtorquing 
 their bolt, according to my sacred "Book o'Bentley".
A 2 foot extension is not a "lucky" removal, it works...  If you look at Mr.
Bentley, it shows a audi tool (xxxx) that is at least a foot long, then the
torque wrench is attached to that, and THAT has a 258 ft/lb torque on it...
 If you do your math, and don't use the audi tool the actual spec is much
more than 258....  The main reason most UNDERTORQUE their bolts, and I would
surmise, why I have corrected as many as I have...  Look carefully at that