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well i have of course seen a8's on the show room floor, sat in them, and even driven one of them while learning about panic-braking-lane-change-manoeuvres...

but i saw one parked in the street outside work the other day.  i looked at it as though for the first time and though that it's a pretty damn good car to look at.  classic lines, understated elegance, restrained power.

it makes the 7 series look dated and the s class look obscene.

perhaps in a few years time we'll all look back and think that the a8 was the turning point for audi in the 1990's. the start of the renaissance (ie a8, a4, a3 and soon the a6)

now all i want is a 1997 version of the ur-q !!

'93 s2
'90 ur-q