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5000 programmer prechecks...

After taking my programmer down to parade rest today, and finding out all
solenoids worked just fine I can now recommend the following way to precheck
their operation...

1. Remove the passenger and driver's side under dash covers - some have
storage ledges to remove,  some don't.

2. On the driver's side, remove the large black hose from the white tube.
>From this point you can see the footwell controller completely. Shining a
light up into the white tube you can see the operation of the two flaps.
Change temps from Lo to High and try defrost. On the passenger side you can
see the operation of the cable and the recirc door. Opening up the hood you
can eyeball the heater control valve on the back of the engine.

3. The problem on mine was not enough hot air to the feets - most going to
defrost. I found the footwell flap had shifted from wear and there was a
stop tip molded on the case that was keeping the linkage from operating
completely. Cut this piece off with my handy Gipsu knife (it slices, it
dices, it severs, it maims) and the flap now operates correctly - still
doesn't close fully by design but the extra 1/8" travel made all the
difference in the world.

4. BTW - anyone looking for spare programmer solenoids, I now have three...

********************************AUDI FAN***********************************
                                   EMCM(SW) Dave Head  
87 5KCStq 186K miles and counting... 1.8 bar boost - Whee!
                Maitland, Florida (sounds better than Orlando!)