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Quad Cibie lights on '90 series car...

Hi all,

Well, I found a nice 1" bullet in my driver side headlight... I found a quad round Cibie headlight kit, h1/h3 in Demon Tweeks, that fits a '92 and up 80 series car. I'm looking at converting this kit to fit my '90 Coupe. I guess I'm going to have to get this conversion now, instead of waiting since I don't want to replace this headlight now and turn around and replace it again a little bit down the road.. 

If anyone has info on using post '92 headlights on a '90 front, I'd be extremely appreciative.

I plan on making some kind of filler panel between the headlights and the grille, I just hope the gap is not that wide. Anyone have access to a post '92 front to get a width measurement at the top and bottom of the headlight?

Is this possible, or am I setting myself up for a world of hurt?
Again, any help is appreciated.
                                Todd Paciorek