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Re: Oddball audis

Kwattro@aol.com wrote:

87's got the 108 wheels, but the 85 and 86 had the same Ronal 16 spoke
with 100mm bolt circle and different center caps.  You should have seen
face on my friend when I pulled up next to his 4000CS quattro with the
stock wheels on my GTi.  He thought I'd put the body of the GTi onto the
chassis.    Anyone have any furthur thoughts?  ...

I put the same wheels on my '81 Scirocco S.  Really looks great. The
Ronal R8 design is a classic style and I was disappointed when they
discontinued it.  IMO the version without the full center cap is much
better looking than the later ones.  The only problem with using the
Audi wheels instead of normal Ronal R8's on a VW is that the Audi 14x6
rims have a 43 or 45 mm offset, whereas VW uses a 38 mm offset on their
14x6 rims.  Consequently the Audi rims get a little too close to the
rear axle trailing arms on the A1 VW chassis.  I had to ty-wrap the E.B.
cable against the trailing arm in areas to make sure it cleared the