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Re: Getting out the goldarn radio

You wrote: 
>The first time I do car stuff it seems to be so difficult even with 
>instructions. Dave gave me some very clear instructions as to get out 
>original radio on our 86 5ks.  It does not want to budge.  I don't 
want to
>break any plastic parts. It should come our easier. Dave suggested to 
bend a
>pair of 6" coat hanger pieces into a "U" shape, put into the holes on 
>side of face plate , and then with pressure outward, grasp the radio 
>the cassette door and yank firmly.  I have tried various version of 
this and
>no success. Am I missing something. 
>David with dead radio

There is also an 8mm nut and washer in the rear, attaced to a stud on 
the radio that can be loosened after removal of the passengers parcel 
shelf.  It' a tight fit-I hope you have small hands!

When I replaced mine, I left this nut off-haven't had a problem since.

Jeremy Walters