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Re: '91 200 TQW K&N Filter

 >I'ts my impression I want to have good clean air no matter what kind
>of engine I'm running.  In fact, because of the high demand of a turbo
>engine, it is even more sensitive to dirty air than a not so stressed unit
>naturally aspirated. 
Not that simple John, in order for a filter to work well it has be a bit
DIRTY, filters are designed to operate with some dirt (I tested many
Look at it this way, a naturally aspirated engine can only suck using the
pistons as a pump.....not that strong!.... a turbo engine can suck much,
much, harder...... so it is much more important to have a clean filter with
a NA engine than it is with a turbo engine, 
this is ONLY a rule of thumb.....
Avi Meron